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Holiday Baking with Sur La Table http://bit.ly/Rz0zj6
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oh god ok so I invited my friend to dinner and we ended up trying a new rather *swanky* place and they have an option where you pick your price (we picked 30 dollars per person which is the most i’ve ever spent on dinner at a restaurant but treat yo’self) and the chef makes up whatever he wants and we had no idea what we were in for and christ they brought us 8 courses, we were tasting everything and laughing because it was so stupidly good like how??? and it was crazy and wonderful we literally had to tell our waiter to stop bringing food we were so full… and then he brought dessert. wow this ended up being a really nice day?
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New York Fashion Week 1994
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Barbara Cooney, Island Boy
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Pol Ledent
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